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. with a dense fog your only seen three tenths of a mile in santa rosa, nothing in nevado. for miles around as f o. i checked with the faa and we do not have any flight delays to talk about for now but that could certainly be a possibility. keep that in mind if you're picking someone up from the airport. it is cold out there, we are below the freezing mark and santa rosa. 42 hayward, 33 livermore. into the afternoon, 60s to go round. temperatures spot on compared to yesterday. temperatures are around average of redwood city 64, 63 santa clara. it will be a nice day in the east bay. 64 fairfield in concord, 62 pleasanton. downtown san francisco 64, its 62 nevado. 7 day around the bay forecast highlights or whether in the warming trend really picks up as we head into valentine's day. it will be the perfect weather to be outdoors potentially for a picnic. friday temperatures are still flirting with the 70 degree mark. saturday and sunday temperatures of little bit cooler. rain in the forecast is right around next tuesday. >> we are not currently tracking any hot spots. bay bridge is not such a bad
the freezing mark. santa rosa is waking up to 35 degrees is currently 42 and that's-this is the perfect time to be outside to enjoy a picnic. check out the north bay santa rosa may see some 70's perry ed they will start to spread as we head into the afternoon pripet the majority of the bay area will be in the mid to upper 60s. if you have plans for later on tonight it will still be pretty mild and the temperatures will be in the low 60's pre-empts temperatures are way above average and will not feel like the middle of february but like spring. seven days is the common number. turn your attention to the east bay we do have gorgeous weather ahead of us perry e >> . your kron 47 day round the bay highlights nice weather continuing into the weekend. we do have more on the web cloud cover perry ed there will be a chance of showers for early tuesday and tub wednesday. >> here is a look at your snow bomb reports. if you want to hit the power sierra has about 90 in. and north star has a base of 34 to 80 in.. squaw valley has a base of 90 in.. >> we are still monitoring a hot spot the drive time is a
was finished, alvarez was fired. >> santa rosa police arrested in oakland man for human trafficking and pandering charges. police say 22 year-old dominique belton and a female victim or using the internet to arrange meetings with clients after the fbi inform them on saturday that there was a pair in santa rosa. police then set up a sting operation or the santa rosa and arrested the man. >> police seized approximately 2000 marijuana plants from a building in fremont. pg&e had gone to a building located at 37500 block of glenn more drive and found that power to the building had been bypassed. fremont police responded to report suspicious activity and a strong smell of marijuana coming from inside the building. two suspects, found hiding inside the building, were arrested in connection growth operation. >> students at city college of san francisco are asking to have more input into the administration's decision as a school fights to keep its accreditation. the accreditation commission is requiring city college to file a report on march 15th addressing their resolving more than a dozen
the as today, clear skies and mild conditions into the evening as well. 34 santa rosa, up mid 30's now patna of vallejo, upper '40's for richmond low '40's in the south bay. >> pretty light traffic around the bay area, not looking at any hot spots. kenyan island accident in walnut creek interstate 680 in the northbound direction. it may garner some southbound attention. some debris was on the northbound side. some debris hit a southbound vehicle. will it looks okay but it could turn this commute into a different direction. we will keep an eye on it and let you know there'll be a problem. >> 7:08 a.m. is the time and we will be back with more coverage of the big story visible and just a couple of minutes. a live look from severance is go on a van ness ave. that looks like we have some clouds and a beautiful sunny day. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and w
of local dense fog. a chilly start for some. a low to freezing mark in santa rosa. 37 in antioch. san francisco 45 degrees. low '40's on the east bay shoreline. 41 in redwood city. >> temperatures drop the day let us highlights the 12:00 hour. we will see fifties for the bid peninsula. best- mid peninsula. >> lows 60s in the south bay. the sixties will grow widespread as we head into 2:00 p.m. today. >> sunshine, clear skies, at a westerly breeze a little bit cool. mild conditions for everyone we are on the the light blue indicating fifties. >> your afternoon highs show mid-60's for today in the south bay. fremont 65. same for sunnyvale. >> 64 in mountain view. the east bay. 61 and danville. 65 for castro valley. downtown san francisco at 62. 66 at your high in santa rosa. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights temperatures warmer each day. offshore winds will kick in. warmer weather thursday into friday with most locations are in with the 70 degree mark. a cooler conditions in to the weekend but above the seasonal average. >> monday will provide more cloud cover. >>
the forecast. we wrote record yesterday was hot. santa rosa 71 breaking its old record set in 2006. >> design for napa. oakland has not been at war on valentine's day since 1977. >> hayward and watsonville broke records. downtown san francisco did not, surprisingly it was at 69 degrees. we have the potential to set records later this afternoon as well. >> temperatures not to bad now. a few degrees above freezing in santa rosa. mile along the coastline. san francisco 51 in oakland upper '40's and hayward. the taking a look at future cast 4 by 12 60s pretty much everywhere. by lunchtime we are enjoying pleasant conditions. we have pops' of seventies for the south and north spot. 2:00 p.m. more yellow appearing that what we saw yesterday. today will be the warmest of the week. later tonight if you have plans. 8:00 p.m. '60s around the heart of the bay. upper 50s for the inland spots. nice conditions for the next two to four hours. >> a closer look at the afternoon high. 74 santa clara. 72 los gatos. evergreen 73. plenty of sunshine, clear skies, fantastic weather in the east bay. walnut creek 67
channel show in loss angeles county. it happened early saturday--yesterday at polsa rosa branch in the city of acton. >> authorities say all three people died aboard the helicopter. their names not been released. discovery channel and the show's production company had both release statements expressing their separate the to the victim's family. we will be right back. at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning with a free breakfast made just the way you like it. with a breakfast like this, you could pretty much handle anything. anything? anything. [ screams ] a rambunctious toddler? of course. uncle ralph? sure. a roman gladiator? you bet. the thing under my bed? why not? ♪ yes. [ female announcer ] get more with embassy suites. book early and save up to 20%. with embassy suites. new griddle-melts to yourime usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4.99. it's an epic breakfast sandwich
. it will be 70's for santa or rosa and napa for the afternoon. it will be 64 degrees for downtown san francisco. warmer weather is on the way and i will have full details coming up. >> we are not tracking any hot spots. if the bay bridge did have a bit back up this morning in the westbound direction. and they were at a 22 minute drive time. the san mateo bridge at highway 92 is slower from 13 to 40 minutes. the golden gate bridge is still a little bit heavier but no delays. the marin commute is still under 40 minutes from navoto to the golden gate bridge. >> still find curried definitely made up for the fight. he had 54 points. >> maybe, he should fight bowe for at every game perry ed >> it was not quite good enough because the team still did not win. >> that is the point that i make all the time. as good as he is being 6 to' 2"he may never do this again. it is just very hard to win 11 per cent is dominating the whole game. >> the 11 of 13 three- pointers. this was magical amazing! >> the new york crowd even got up behind him. >> he knew that he had to make a for david lee been suspende
. >> it is foggy out there. let's take a look at the visibility chart, down to zero and santa rosa and about zero. there fairfield half a mile and concord. poor visibility down the east bay shoreline. 1 mi. if you're driving around mountain view. delays at as f o averaging and hour in eight minutes. we will see sunshine into the afternoon, temperatures and the upper 50s low 60s. mostly clear skies tonight. tomorrow will be a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures similar to what we saw today. the changes thursday into friday i will talk about your weather forecast in my next report. >> emergency crews rescued a person from sampras's go bay waters near the hyde street pier this morning. fire crews responded just after 6:00 this morning. rescue crews made contact with the person and the bay with and five minutes. the person has been transported from the rest to go to an ambulance for further medical assistance. >> a quick update from the superdome so we can live at all over again. it was quite a game last night. a terrible start for the nine hours after the reagans had three touchdown passes from quar
up in the north bay. we are seeing it for your entire ride out of santa rosa down toward petaluma heading into navaato leading the highway 37 interchange. >> san rafeal looks dry carly over the ridge in san rafael bridge. >>--san raphael looks dry over the golden gate bridge in san raphael. >> we saw spotty showers in the menlo park area. you can see spotty showers ahead expecting to slide into the bay area. it will be a wet day. by a a.m. the cold front pushes through. it will arrive in the north bay first. a lot of clouds, cool air associated with the system. it will dive south as we head into the 10:00 hour. the majority of the bay area is affected. moderate to heavy rain indicated by the yellow fairfield, antioch, livermore valley and the east bay shoreline and the mid peninsula. >> once the cold front pushes through scattered showers on the back end, cloudy conditions will continue. later tonight 5:00 p.m. your evening commute contending with light rain for the 880 corridor, highway 1, is a 5802 livermore. an isolated showers early possible into the overnight hours. >> we're
, and that was 60, of santa rosa 60 and 58 in san mateo. we are clear and dry for now but rain will have to the bay area. a cold front will drop through thursday night into friday. future cast seven h m a shows light rain along the coastline. 2:00 p.m. it will start to shift east and south. cold temperatures are associated with this cold front. not too much rain but it is relatively widespread. headed into friday's other brand for the southern half of the bay area. not too much moisture, to sense of an answer rain but we still have the dry's january we have seen on record. we are back in 60 degree territory as we start the next work week. that's get a quick look at the snowbound .com sierra tahoe base of 30 to 89 in., north star of base of 36 to 79. squaw valley a base of 23 to 95 in.. >> if you are thinking about getting away, now is the time and act fast because southwest is rolling out a special on flights based on distance. you have to do that by tomorrow. $49 each way if you are flying 500 mi. or less. $89 each way if you are sliding 501 that to a thousand miles. $119 each way for 1001 to 1,50
. upper 50s for santa rosa and 61 degrees for berkeley. your kron 47 day around the bay highlight stable weather for the next couple of days. off the temperatures may be a little bit warmer just-in- time for friday. once saturday comes it will be a another cold front and it should not impact us much. the latest model is stating that the storm should stick to our north an hour east. if we do see rain fall it will be very light in nature. >> overall, there are a lot of changes to talk about and it will be quiet for the next couple of days. if you are heading up to tahoe the ski report we have fresh snow to talk about. squaw valley is coming in with a base of 26 to 97 in.. >> with a baseball season just around the corner, it is about to get more expensive to park by at&t park. if to get you more news faster, we will turn to our team solo reporter jackie sizzle he is live in san francisco with the details on the charges. >> starting again in march or around a ball park several streets at third will expand the parking hours that are metered. from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. you will have to p
charges, it could happen sometime this week. santa rosa is about 13 degrees warmer than yesterday. we are about 45 right now with a very nice weather ahead. more on your weather forecast coming up. whatwh makes your family smile? backflipfls and cartwheels. love, wa, rmth. here, retry this. mmmm, ok! ching!g! i likeli the fact that there's lotslo of different tastes going on. mmmm!! breakfaskft i'm vem ry impressed. this is ia great cereal! honey buy nches of oats. i hei ar you crunching. >> 11 health researchers received $3 million each from a new foundation set up by some of the tech world's heaviest hitters. facebook c l mark zuckerberg, google co-founder and search a brand and apple board chairman art levin sen announced the creation of the break surprise first health sciences. the group is pouring millions of their own money toward those who conduct research that would save lives. >> in science they don't have the same opportunity. because of that i think it would just be a shame of a lot of folks are trying to grow up figuring out what they were wont to do. they choose not to g
forecast we will get to that in a minute. >> ready 6 in downtown san francisco. 34 santa rosa. pleasanton 33. livermore valley bit '30's. san jose 37. redwood city 43. satellite and radar picture shows us we will stay dry today in the next several days as we could use the rain. the rain and snow is focused in oregon and washington. there may be a few clouds and this afternoon high passing cloud. the end of it will skirt the bay area otherwise expecting plenty of sun today, tomorrow, and into the weekend. here's a look at our temperatures. temperatures will see the '60s again. it will be nice and comfortable. >> fifties for the heart of the bay. '60s for the north bay. san jose, livermore by 2:00 today widespread '60s and nice pleasant day. by 8:00 tonight the blue means we will cool down generally into the fifties by the hour. highs for today's 62 and sunnyvale. 63 in mountain view. san jose 63. in the east bay low to mid 60's. 65 for walnut creek. 60 in castro valley. union city's 63. antioch near mid- 60s. and in the north bay temperatures 624 navato 65 for napa. 57 for daly city. san b
in santa rosa. it is 44 degrees out the door in hayward. we are talking about mid '50s and to the afternoon. these are your eyes.highs. if you are heading up to tahoe they may get 3 in. of snow. your high may be above the freezing mark. overnight it will get pretty chilly. your kron 47 day around the bay shows that it will be dry weather and clear conditions as we head into the middle of next week. >> happy friday to you gary perry ed >> the same for you and the entire staff at kron. >> whoever called this kid right in the nicest kid he said good morning. >> i told him to call you serve and to never looked you in the eyes. >> when you are a performer everyone looks set to. everybody wants a piece of you. it is better. >> it is tough. >> tell me about this contract with the mariners. >> just off the top of my head there are very few guys to understand the money. the money is there is just that if you were to squeeze money out of me i just would prefer that says this guy has been retired for five years. i will bring again bonds or derrick jeter. >> he plays every day. a pitcher works every si
. it has made its way then and santa rosa down to petaluma they are experiencing light rain. it is still dry for the bay area. scattered showers into afternoon and i will walk you through in my next report. >> we are looking at a good ride at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are starting to pick up slowing on interstate 80 westbound. there is also slowing from 680. south bay freeway is look good. it is a little bit of slowing for 85 and 101. >> falling brick kennels out of southern california. a manhunt is underway for a former loss angeles police officer. he shot to officers in riverside overnight. killing one of them. he then shot a another officer who was in,. police believe that these police shootings are linked to christopher jordandorener, a former lapd officer wanted in connection to the double murder of a couple in irvine. over the weekend that couple was shot and killed in their car. the woman killed was the daughter of a former police officer who represent dorner at a hearing where he alternately lost his badge. these police officers and their families are now under police protect
for santa clara. downtown san francisco will stay in the upper 50s and low 60's for santa rosa and petaluma. daly city will have a high of 56 degrees. satellite and radar shows that on the corner of your screen that rain will be for the pacific north bay. this was at its way south toward and lybrand may be brought to our area. the temperatures will be on the cooler side and we may see isolated snow showers if you are headed up to tahoe. >> your kron 47 day around the bay for cast highlights mile weather ahead of us and it will be stable. we will see a gradual warming with no wets weather for the next seven days for the most part. by thursday of next week the temperatures will be in the upper 60s for most of us. i have been studying that extended models and the next chance for rain is for march the fifth. >> we have been enjoying a pretty good writer we have not been tracking any hot spots. it is light traffic at the bay bridge. there are no delays across the span. the san mateo bridge has been doing well and we stayed at an 11 minute drive time. we have not seen any problems for the golden
. into the afternoon by 3:00 today we have green which means some 60s. north bay, a santa rosa and into napa. most of us will be right around seasonal average for this time of year. by 8:00 this evening we will cool things down. the blue means of 40's and 50's by eight this evening. i for today that the seven santa clara san jose, 56 fremont, milpitas 59, walnut creek 57, pleasanton upper 50s, livermore 56. mid-50s for novato, net of 59, downtown san francisco mid- 50s. ocean beach 53, berkeley and oakland upper 50s. 7 day around the bay forecast shows tomorrow milder around 60 degrees. partly cloudy conditions and thursday showers are likely. not a big rainmaker so we are not worried about a lot of rain coming through the area. friday may be a slight chance for showers mainly in the morning. by afternoon it will be cleared out. the weekend looked good. saturday sunday looking nice, not quite on the mild side of low 60s by its sunday and monday plenty of sunshine. titahoe knows no and the last 24 hours. 30's to the 90 in. norstar 36 to 79 in., squaw valley 96 in.. a little bit of fresh powder comi
and 60s. temperatures right now upper 40s and downtown. santa rosa you are chilly at 39. 50 for hayward. our satellite and radar picture showing us a cold front right here. triggering a couple showers. the cold air arrives for us tomorrow. we could also see potentially some pop up thunderstorms tomorrow. but you can see our future cast at 6:00 a.m. the green indicating the light rain that will impact your morning commute for the afternoon. actually 9:00 in the morning will be more wide spread. the yellow indicating moderate to heavy rain cells. by 2:00 it will be scattered. you see that blue maybe we will see some snow up in mount hamilton. the snow level falling pretty low. 6:00 a lot of it is out of here. still isolated spots for showers are possible. again we have a slight chance for thunderstorms. winter weather advisory has been issued by the national weather service for tomorrow. 4:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.. four to ten inches of snow possible. above 7,000 feet 7-14 inches of fresh powder. low snow levels falling to around 1500 feet. that is pretty low. it will be pretty windy as w
for the most part. current temperatures, not a bunch at the freezing mark, out vallejo nevado santa rosa, but their 20s and fairfield. east bay shoreline, a few degrees warmer and pleasanton. 36 livermore. it's a cast four highs mainly 60s by 12, 60s along the coast line. we will gain a couple of degrees into your afternoon highs. and tonight, most of us will be in the '50s. i think will be attached cooler but very pleasant conditions. 67 mountain view, 68 cupertino, up 70 fairfield, 68 walnut creek. los 60s, downtown san francisco. 69 for palo month, amid 54 daly city. we will really start to see the microclimates come into play later on this afternoon. we will remain dry, high- pressure in control to our north. we have changes to talk about, friday shaping up to be the warmest of the week. saturday and sunday, week's system passing by could bring some sprinkles of the north bay. we will be mostly dry and expect more of the way of clouds. temperatures will start to dig and dry by monday. the next activity for rain for the entire bay area as sometime around march 6th. let's take up to ta
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20